Santolina, Champion at Southern Breeders Show

Santolina, affectionately known at the barn as Toes, had a successful showing at the Southern Breeders Sporthorse Show I and II, as well as, the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Breeders' Championship Series-Southern Series Final.  On Saturday, she took home Reserve Champion Fillies and on Sunday she was Grand Champions Fillies.  Cadence Ranch and her owner, Jessica Wright, were pleased when Santolina was named Grand Champion Filly for the Southern Series Final.  She also performed well under saddle this year as she competed in 3 year old Materiale under the guidance of Christine Bergeron of Cadence Ranch.

Cadence Ranch impresses the judges from Germany

Cadence Ranch impresses the Germany judges

On September 15, 2011 Cadence Ranch attended The Oldenburg Horse Breeder’s Association of North America (GOV) inspection and stallion licensing and made quite an impression on the three judges – Holly Simenson, Katrin Burger and  Felix Einhaus and those in attendance.


First, Dean Martin CR an imported three year old stallion by Don Frederico out of a Weltmeyer mare was presented for licensing. He was the second horse to go in the jump shoot and showed great technique and aptitude for jumping despite his mostly dressage breeding. He was then presented under saddle, where he showed off his amazing gaits. Judges were particularly impressed with the quality of his walk and how uphill he was in the canter. He demonstrated great rideability especially for a young stallion in unfamiliar territory amongst many mares. Overall, the judges were very impressed with his confirmation, uphill an elastic movement, his beautiful head, powerful hindquarters and his sweet and confident character. We are excited to announce that he was unanimously licensed by the Oldenburg Horse Breeders Association (GOV) for breeding and can now begin accepting mares.  

Cadence Ranch presented two foals for inspection as well. Symphony CR by Sinatra Song out of the Oldenburg mare Wonder Woman was presented first. She absolutely stole the show. Judges stated that she is exactly what they are looking for. They said she is the best foal they have seen in the US. I am so excited to have bred such a exemplary filly. She received premium with distinction.

The second filly we presented was Romance CR by Routinier out of the Oldenburg mare Frangipani. This was her first foal and she proved to be a great mother and produce outstanding offspring. Once again, the judges were wowed by a filly who has excellent conformation and movement. They loved her strong topline and feminine face as well as her elastic and balanced movement. Romance also received premium.

 Judges approached me several times after the inspection to tell me what a great showing I had and how nice the horses were that I presented. 

Can you believe it!!!

Rapport aka “Ralphie” has recently been purchased by Joe Calao of McGregor. Joe intends to leave Ralphie in training with us at Cadence Ranch and continue to take him up the levels. To date Ralphie has been very successful. He was started as a 4 year old and just now turning 7 is showing 4th level and schooling Prix St. George and Intermediare I. He has shown very successful throughout the years and this year was no disappointment. His first outing at 4th level he received scores of 67% and 68% easily qualifying him for USDF Region 9 Championships. Ralphie is working towards his debut at Prix St. George later in the summer. 


Photos by Wellman Image Photography 2011

Rapport is a 17.3hh, 7 year old gelding by Routinier. Like many in the “R” line, he has amazing rideability, character, balance and willingness. Couple these traits with wonderful gaits and it is a recipe for success. Christine has so enjoyed training he that she bred two of her own mares to Routinier. She has a 2008 filly that she will be starting next spring and a 2011 foal on the way.   

Superman CR found new peeps!

Clark (Superman CR)

Clark (Superman CR) was purchased by a wonderful family and long time clients, Curtis, Erika and their daughter Houston. Erika and Houston and been staunch Clarky fans since his birth in 2009. At the time there was no way of talking Curtis into another baby. The year before one of their broodmares had a colt by my Irish Draught stallion Bridons Glenlord. They were also not interested in raising, promoting and breeding a stallion. After Clark's inspections and receiving high scores, Primium foal and stallion prospect status, it seemed the idea of a match became a distant memory.

Over the summer, after Clarks' full sister, Garbo was born, Erika approached me about Garbo, at first I really liked the idea, I felt good about letting her go to them as a baby, knowing she would get the same top quality care that I would give her. My feelings changed fairly quickly as it became apparent that Garbo was going to be a very sensitive horse and would require a more advance rider.

By this time I had also come to the decision that I had to many stallions on the property. So Clark and his pasture buddy Sam were gelded. I told Erika to think about Clark again and Rain, a filly by Routiner, Erika and Houston came by just about everyday and would go out to the foal pasture and play with Clark & Rain. After about a week Erika told me that they had decided on Clark and the deciding factor was that they didn't want another horse that could create more horses! I had to laugh.. Erika has a baby addiction of the animal kind.

So at the end of July, Clark jumped right in the trailer and moved about 3 miles away as the crow flies.  In September a group of us took horses up to the Black Star in hand show. This was Clark's first long haul and his first show. We had no idea what to expect from him. He is not a typical yearling you can push around, he was already over 16hhs, so if he decided to check out a patch of grass, you went along for the ride!

Clark shocked us all by being the calmest horse we had, he acted like a season 20 year old show horse that had seen it all. He was even picked for drug testing, Erika found out, because of size and how calm he was for such a young horse.

Of course that didn't translate into very good showing in front of the judges but they all remarked on his amazing potential. We all had a great time and look forward to showing in 2011.

I am also looking forward to having Clark back for training in a few years, I expect amazing talent to shine through.

Clark & Tyton 2010

Red Dogs of Cadence Ranch (aka. Red Dog Ranch)

The Red Dogs (Vizslas) of Cadence Ranch


Anyone who has visited Cadence Ranch has been greeted by my herd of Vizslas or Red Dogs as we call them. Vizslas or Hungarian Pointers have short red hair and are reliable hunters. What I love most is that they are incredibly affectionate, attentive and obedient dogs. I rescued my first Vizsla, Bud about 9 years ago. Since then I have had the pleasure of adopting 4 more. My second adoption was an older V, Skinny, followed by Tracker, then Thor and most recently Sam.

Skinny was my first older dog adoption. He was about 10 when he came to me. He was absolutely a saint and was adored by everyone. I was fortunate to have Skinny in my life for 4 years. Tracker, an 8 year old male was my next older adoptee. He fortunately is still with me. Then I received a notice that a 13 year old needed a home. I simply couldn’t resist, so Thor came to live at Cadence Ranch too.

Unfortunately, I lost my beloved Bud this year. He had a very aggressive form of cancer. Fortunately, he did not suffer. God had a distraction in mind for me and I was soon asked if I would adopted a 5 year old male. Of course, I couldn’t say no. Within a week, Sam came to his new home at Cadence Ranch. 

So, now if you visit the ranch you will be eagerly greeted by my three Red Dogs; Tracker, Sam and Thor

Two Amazing Imported Hanoverian Stallions In Texas!

Dean Martin CR & Frank Sinatra CR

Top Two Hanoverian Young Stallions in US

In 2008 Cadence Ranch decided to import two Hanoverian stallion prospects. Early fall, the two prospects, Dean Martin CR and Frank Sinatra CR arrived from Germany. Both colts came off the trailer in excellent shape and showed lots of promise. Fortunately, they are growing into everything that we had hoped for and so much more. They finished their first year of showing as Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion for the American Hanoverian Society.

Dean Martin CR, a solid black colt, is by Don Frederico (by Donnerhall) and dam sire Weltmeyer. He is the spitting image of his sire, inheriting his elegance and impressive movement. Don Frederico became the Champion of the 1999 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing. He received excellent scores for rideability, gaits and confirmation. In 2005 Don Frederico was named the second most valuable sport horse breeding stallion. In 2009, he was awarded the prestigious Grand-Prize at the 120th elite auction in Germany. Weltmeyer, Dean’s damsire is a legend and considered one of the most influential stallions in the Hanoverian breed. Winner of his stallion licensing in Verden and winner of his performance test. Also, won the 3 year old stallion classification at Championships, honored as best stallion in his age-group and then named Hanoverian Stallion of the Year in 1998. Wetmeyer has produced 70 excellent quality licensed sons.

Dean Martin CR has followed in their foot-steps already receiving numerous awards:

  • Reserve Grand Champion American Hanoverian Society 2009
  • Grand Champion Great American Insurance Group/USDF Breeders Championships Series 2009
  • Adequan/ USDF Dressage SportHorse Breeders HOY Awards - 3rd Place Nationally 2009
  • Champion Proud Meadows Sporthorse Breeding Show June 6, 2009
  • Champion Proud Meadows Sporthorse Breeding Show September 19, 2009
  • Grand Champion Great American Insurance Group/USDF Breeders Championships Series 2010
  • Reserve Grand Champion Black Star Sport Horse Breeding Show, September 10, 2010
  • Grand Champion Southern Sporthorse Breeders Show, September 12, 2010

Frank Sinatra CR, a bay colt with four white socks, is by Fidertanz (by Fidermark) and dams sire De Niro.  Frank strongly resembles both his sire and grand sire inheriting their elegance and outstanding temperament. Fidertanz was a shining start at his stallion testing, receiving standing ovations and was the undisputed Champion Stallion. His sire, Fidermark also won his performance test as well as the Bundes champion at, Optimum and Grand Prix. De Niro the 2008 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year is referred to as “the embodiment of the Hanoverian stallion.” He combines the best bloodlines of the Oldenburg and Trakehner with a dash of Thoroughbred achieving a very modern stallion.

Again, Frank Sinatra CR is already following in the footsteps of his breeding:

  • Grand Champion American Hanoverian Society 2009
  • Great American Insurance Group/USDF Breeders Championships Series 2009 - 4th place
  • Adequan/ USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeders HOY -  5th Place Nationally 2009
  • Reserve Champion at Proud Meadows Sporthorse Breeding Show June 7, 2009
  • 3rd at Proud Meadows Sporthorse Breeding Show September 20, 2009
  • Reserve Champion Southern Sporthorse Breeders Show, September 12, 2010
  • 3rd Black Star Sporthorse Breeding Show, September 10, 2010
  • Great American Insurance Group/USDF Breeders Championships Series 2010 - 4th place

We expect many more great things for Frank and Dean as they begin their under saddle careers in 2011. To learn more about them, please visit Cadence Ranch

She will always be loved

Bold Navette “Never”

1993 – 2010


Bold Navette or Never, a Thoroughbred mare by Bold Navy, came to me 5 years ago. A friend mentioned to me that her neighbor a TB breeder was getting rid of one of his broodmares. She said she was a gorgeous chestnut mare that looked more warmblood than TB. So, I went to look at her and knew she was a fit for my breeding program. While I owned her, she earned her standing in the Main Mare Book for the Oldenburg Verband GOV.

Never was 16.2, big bodied with a beautiful topline, neck and head and fantastic hip. She was a very powerful, yet feminine mare with the sweetest temperament. I bred her first to my Irish Draught (RID) stallion, Bridon Glenlord. She had a beautiful leggy chestnut filly, Glenlord’s Lara Lie. Lara, who was purchased by the Stephens family, has exceeded expectations. She is approved with the American Warmblood Society and the Irish Draught Society. She has started her undersaddle career as a three day eventer, carrying her junior rider , Gaby Stephens, safely and beautifully through the dressage arena, cross country course and the stadium course. Lara and Gaby have the honor of representing the Irish Draught Society at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) this year. Be sure to look for them. Lara, looks just like her mother, Never, big, beautiful and red. We expect even greater things from Lara and Gaby in the future.   

My second foal from Never was Santolina, affectionately called Toes. Toes is by Sempatico so she has lots of color (bay tobiano pinto). It was love at first site for Jessica Wright, who purchased Toes before she was weaned. Again, Never’s baby, Toes has not disappointed us. Toes received a premium rating as a foal at her inspection with the Oldenburg Verband GOV, then as a yearly was the number one Oldenburg GOV filly in the country. She is currently in the running to be the top Oldenburg GOV filly again as a 2 year old. We are expecting phenomenal things from this filly in the future.

My third foal from Never was Samson 7 CR “Sam”, another handsome bay tobiano pinto colt by Sempatico. Kathy Harlan is the proud owner of this fabulous gelding. As a foal, he too earned a premium rating at his inspection with the Oldenburg Verband, GOV. As a yearly, he earned 3 first places at the Blackstar Breed Show as well as qualifying for the USDF Breed Championships. Sam has a fantastic quiet personality with powerful movement. Look for him in hand as a 2 year old.

My last foal from Never was Sophera or Sophie. She too is a bay tobiano pinto by Sempatico. She has her mother’s sweet, sweet, sweet personality along with Never’s big powerful hip. Sophie is incredibly feminine with the most gorgeous dished face. Unfortunately, Sophie lost her mother when she was almost a month old. Never did her best to take care of her foal as long as she could. She had sustained a spinal cord injury while giving birth and gradually lost more and more control of her powerful hindquarters. Fortunately, she was not in pain, but sadly was had to put her down just before Sophie’s 1 month birthday. Sophie is doing well, and flourishing despite her difficult beginning. Again, I am sure that this strength comes from her wonderful mother, Bold Navette.

Biarette VDL

Biarette VDL with Christine Bergeron

I was fortunate to have started and showed Nancy Leon’s lovelyand talented KWPN mare, Biarette VDL. Her first season under saddle as a 3 year old was extraordinary. She met and exceeded all of our wishes. Our accomplishments in 2009 included:


USDF-HOY 2009  Materiale 3 year old  Filly-3rd Place
USDF-All Breed, KWPN-NA, Materiale 3 year old Filly -Champion
KWPN-NA Keuring: Champion at Silver HIll Stables Keuring: DG Bar Cup for 3 yearolds
KWPN-NA Keuring: Received 1st Premium


Watch for Nancy and Biarette this year in Training Level. Once again, I know she will exceed our expectations.


Good luck Nancy and Biarette!

Management team at Cadence Ranch

These are the two that make all the important decisions at Cadence Ranch

Cadence Ranch Vizla hounds
Image take by Wellman Image Photography

Correct riding will improve your horse.

 Chiristine & Ralphie
Do you want to move up the levels? Receive scores inthe 70’s? It is possible for everyone one and every sound horse to do excellent lower level work. There are no quick fixes, but steady improvement should be expected for both horse and rider. Do you continually ride those 20 meter circles with no improvement or worse no purpose or understanding of why you areriding the monotonous circles? 

Creating more carrying power in the hind quarters


Do you truly know how to apply the aids correctly? This is probably one of the biggest issues I see and hear from new students. They tell me they have never been instructed on exactly how to apply the aids to effectively influence their horse. Without the correct aids it is very unlikely that the horse can come up with the correct answer? It is like you are speaking a foreign language to your horse.

My horse is coming over the back

Do you know when your horses is truly working back to front or over the back? Do you know how to influence your horses back? Do you know how to use a half-halt to re-balance your horse? Do you want to improve collection and self-carriage, but don’t know how? I’ll address many of these topics over the months and hopefully take some of the mystery away and give you a focused plan for your rides, so that you will improve yourself and consequently your horse.

Using aids to move horses body parts



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